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You can now check your Pesco bill here every month. PescoBills.Com is a completely free website where you can easily get your Pesco bill online. Enter your 14 digits reference number above and click on "Show Bill" to view, print or download your Pesco Bill. The site offers an online bill checking services. They offer the service for any Pesco consumer and will check a bill against WAPDA electricity service.

Have you ever been wondering where you can get the most updated online bill from pesco? Well, our website is a good place to check your Pesco bill. You'll find an updated list of all your current bills, and the amount you need to pay each month. This blog will show you how to check pesco online bill from

What is a 14-digit Pesco Bill reference number and how do I find it?

Find your reference number on the bill to check your Pesco bill online. This will be a 14-digit number written in a box, usually in the bottom corner of the box. If you are still unsure how to find the reference number for the bill, take a look at the arrow highlighted in the image below:

Pesco Bill

What is Pesco?

PESCO stands for Pakistan Electric Supply Company, which is a public sector utility company responsible for the distribution and transmission of electricity in Pakistan. It is one of the largest electric utility companies in Pakistan, serving over 14 million customers across the country.

In addition to the online bill payment system, PESCO also offers a number of other services to its customers. These include a power outage reporting system, a customer service hotline, and a complaint management system. Customers can also access information about their account, such as their current balance and payment history, through the PESCO website or mobile app.

Pesco Consumers:

Many of the company's clients are citizens. If we look at the demarcation, it covers over 30 sessions of the Pakistan National Assembly and 50 sessions of the Punjab Assembly.

Pesco's Aim:

Pesco's primary goal will be for Pakistan to generate income and provide its customers with electricity and other superior facilities. It is the only electricity supply company in Pakistan serving various countries.

Tips to reduce your Bill

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Check Pesco Bill Online

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Which areas are covered by Pesco?

The areas in which Pesco offers its suppliers are as follows: Faisalabad Sargodha Mianwali. Khushab Jang Toba Tek Singh.

Pesco Online bill:

Pesco Bill Details:

On our website, you can immediately check the date bill number, then you can also see the full bill where you read the meter reading date, billing date, covered amount after the due date. You can view it for additional cost, etc. To do this, you can open a full bill and refer to the bill payment date from which you can view the list for the last 12 months and select the amount paid.

How do I check my Pesco bill online? is a great online billtracking system that allows you to track your pesco bill online, and receive notifications of bill issue. You can even set up automatic email & SMS alert so you never have to worry about missing any bill.

To check your online bill, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the 14 digit reference number. or 10 digit customer ID and click on "Show Bill"
  3. You will now reach a new page showing options to view your bill domestic or insustrial.
  4. Click on "CLick Here to Check Your Bill" to view your domestic bill or download a copy of this bill
  5. Click on "CLick for Industry Bill" to view your insustrial bill or download a copy of this bill
  6. A complete bill will be displayed for view or download in PDF

Pesco Email Billing Service:

Email billing support is a great feature provided by the official Pesco website. It is possible to subscribe to a monthly bill with your email address and reference amount and you will receive your monthly bill by email prior to the expected date. If you want to find an bill by SMS, we recommend this official Pesco website. New procedures for registering and transferring contacts: Please read the last link here. If you have purchased a new home in which the Pesco connection is already registered with the last owner and you also want to include the name on the bill, you must follow the same procedure as for the new link. You can stop at the nearest Pesco office and use it to correct or change the address.

Pesco helpline.

Phone: +92 (41) 9220184-9220229.

Fax: +92 (41) 9220233.

UAN No. 080066554.

Pesco bill taxes:

Here is a list of recurring taxes that you see on your Pesco bill:

FPA: FPA: is a fuel price adjustment. Even Pesco's monthly bill includes fuel prices for energy companies that generate electricity from oil. You can see this number on your monthly bill when the fuel is due.

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TR Surcharge: T.R is an abbreviation for Rationalization Surcharge. This is indeed the NEPRA tariff gap, as well as the GOP tariff gap. When the difference is favorable, the GOP pays it out as a “subsidy”. But in the event of a gas vacuum, the distribution business will cover the GOP due to the Inter-Discotheque Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (IDTR SUR).

FC Surcharge: FC stands for Loan Cost. The officers decided to pay Hamilton a £ forty-three tuition allowance per device so that he could purchase a set of loans from National Holdings Limited.

Deferred Amount: In fact, it could be the bill amount that you decide to pay over the same 30-day period or even longer. You may not receive a prepayment commission, and subsequent bill statements may include this number in full or in payments.

. QTR Tariff: This will be the level of annual tariff revision. You will see this number on your monthly bill every two weeks at once.


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Frequently Asked Questions Pesco (FAQ)

Q: Can I view my Pesco bill by mobile phone number or email?

A: No, you can only check this with the reference number.

Q: How can I change the name on the Pesco WAPDA bill?

A: You can go to the nearest office and apply for a job change. The process for editing an address is the same as for a new connection.

Q: What is FPA on Pesco energy bill?

A: FPA stands for Gas Price Adjustment. It is a method of adjusting electricity prices based on changes in the price of gasoline. The FPA value is determined by the gas prices of utilities that generate electricity from crude oil.

Q: Where can I calculate my Pesco electricity bill?

A: Here you can calculate the expected bill number.

Q: Can I pay the bill for Pesco in installments?

A: You can pay your Pesco bill in installments. For installments you have to visit your nearest customer services office and applid for installments.

Q: Can due date of Pesco bill be extended?

A: yes due date of Pesco bill can be extended upto three days on your request to do it.

. Q: How do I apply for an bill correction?

A: If you think your bill is completely wrong, you can contact support and state your opinion.