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Pesco bill calculator is a pesco wapda bill calculator which can calculate pesco electric bill. pesco electricity bill provides the pesco calculation of pesco power bills, pesco power charges, pesco electrical charges, pesco wapda bills, etc. To calculate your Pesco WAPDA bill you must have to number of units consumed within a given month. For example, if you want to calculate the bill for October 2021, first you will count the units consumed for this month. You can count consumed units by subtracting the current reading of the Pesco meter with a previous reading from the bill of September 2021.

Pesco Online Bill Calculator Free

Pesco's online bill calculator will provide you with an approximate monthly electricity bill by asking how many units are in use. Plus, this online billing calculator gives you easy billing calculations and boosts the credibility of your bills. Moreover, working with this calculator is very simple and convenient for everyone. You do not need to install any other applications to use Pesco Invoice Calculator on the Internet. As such, the Pesco Bill Calculator is based on the latest version of the Pesco Slab for 2021. Pesco Consumer always invoices the latest unit price for the various panels. Not only that, it also depends on other fees, including general taxes, TV fees, FPA, NJ fees, etc.

Pesco Tariff and Unit Prices

The following table shows the latest unit prices for 2021. Note: These prices are set by NEPRA for Residential Consumers under the load of 5KW/hrs.
I up to 100 units 7.74
ii 101-200 units 10.06
iii  201-300 units 12.15
iv 301-700 units 19.55
V More than 700 units 22.65
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